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How would Jebus celebrate Cinco?

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Get is? Shots! P.S. Arielle, I am totally using that shot glass you sent!

Well, I like to think that he’d do it up in style, even though Cinco de Mayo is really not that big of a deal in Mexico– just inflated in the US by beer companies, just like Valentine’s Day was embellished by Hallmark. Be that as it may, tonight GP and I will be enjoying some (healthy! Made with ground turkey!) soft tacos, homemade guacamole, and some margaritas (in the interest of my figure, mine will be via Hungry Girl), and then maybe some of that sweet ranchero music that we get to enjoy on a fairly regular basis, thanks to our neighbors who have no sense that there is anyone else in the world who doesn’t need to hear to their music. Ah, apartment life.

Oh, and as promised, here are the Jesus sandals– the closest this girl will ever come to Birkenstocks (these were about $15 at Ross. I am not about to pay for actual Birkenstocks, nor am I willing to consistently sport that “crunchy” look).


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