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While I was away on that one trip (whose final chapter will be told today, promise!), the lovely EP over at Stylish Handwriting (one of my guest bloggers, no less!) gifted me with this:

(Is that a proper usage of “gifted,” as a verb? Anyone? RA?) Awww, shucks. Thanks so much! In honor of my southern belle of a brain-twin, I will now pass this on (as is the tradition, no? This is so a blogger chain-letter thing, but much nicer) to the following bloggers who bring a smile to my face just about every day…

Nicole Antoinette of More is Better, of whom I am jealous because she gets to go to Vegas this weekend.
Rachel Elizabeth of Confessions of a Jersey Girl, the fabulous organizer of the recent bloggy-friend swap.
Michelle of Michelle and the City, a fellow ghetto-booty owner, to whom I have a feeling I previously gave some award, but love enough to double up.
Laurel from Sass Attack, who recently took a trip to my side of the country and had so many nice things to say about it! Also, I am in love with her blog, and jealous of her running abilities.
Molly, of These Little Moments, whose wedding plans I love to read about on a daily basis, and who is possibly even more interested in shoes than I am. (Sorry, Molly, I totally confused you with another bride-to-be! I love your Shoeru posts!)
Foxy, over at Strugglepants, who recently had a birthday. Consider this my belated gift to you– see, the celebration just goes on and on!

All right ladies, get out there and spread the good word– blogs don’t just award themselves, you know…


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