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Shop It To Me Tuesday!

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Don’t worry, there are three more days of Tales From the South, but I had to squeeze in some lovelies that showed up in my inbox this morning. Basically, when you sign up for Shop It To Me, you input your size and brand preferences, and they send you things that are on sale from various online retailers. If nothing else, it is a great way to get some online window shopping done, plus they’ve already found your sizes! In short, everyone wins.

First, we have the shoes. Shoes generally come first, right? Some red Nine West d’Orsay pumps from Endless, for about $50 (although I am already the proud owner of a pair that look a lot like these, plus a bow, that I got from Le Target for about $25…)

Then there are the following purses…I am having a big Cole Haan love affair right now. For instance, with this:
Which is still about $320 on Zappos. Not now, Cole Haan, not now. Oh, and I want to get this bag into my life, too…

Now, the two skirts– one from Vera Wang Lavender Label, and the other from our friend Marc Jacobs…

And, finally, the dress parade. I have few occasions at which it would be appropriate to wear these, but I like to fantasize about a grand life that enables me with the funds, body, and venues to show these off.
What do we think, is the bubble hem a yea or nay?
Now, I suppose it wouldn’t be inappropriate to own this, but I am trying to break into the world of “color” right now, and escape my black-and-white leanings.

I mean, come on…tomorrow is payday.


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