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Spring in the South

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Hey everyone, it’s my FIRST! EVER! GUEST POST! *gasp* I know, I bet you thought I was more experienced but, I am just that good at faking it. I should introduce myself shouldn’t I? Well I’m Heidi and I hold down the fort over at Life in Pink. Ya’ll should go check it out!

Anyhow, whilst Megan frolicks in the South on her trip of Northern Aggression, I’m here to share some of my favorite things about the south. You’re probably thinking “why should I give a rats butt about her favorite things about the south?”

Well you shouldn’t. But I’m going to share them anyhow. Because I’m in charge for the day…so ha!

Anyhow, I grew up in Vermont and went to college for five years in Boston. While I’m not a Red Socks fan, I do love all things New England…like you know…seasons, the NY Yankees (it’s a half and half thing…), the New England Patriots (I cried when they traded Adam Vinaterri to the Colts…), Baked Beans, having ridiculous holidays (like St. Patrick’s day in Boston – it’s Evacuation Day and Patriots Day better known as Marathon Monday).

However, after a bad breakup and a stifling step mother, I packed up my bags and headed south of the Mason Dixie to Washington DC (which is still debatable as to whether it is but I think it is so for all intent and purpose today…it is.)

I moved in with a kid who went to the Citadel in South Carolina who had a girlfriend who went to Finishing School in Atlanta. By the end of that first summer, I was having a love affair with the South.

What’s so great about the South??

For starters, until that summer I had never been to a waffle house…if you haven’t been…consider yourself MISSING OUT. Southern food is pretty great if you haven’t experienced it – I’m not a HUGE fan of everything but hush puppies? okra? BBQ?! Oh em gee…strap me to a treadmill…Ima need it after some REAL southern cookin’

There’s nothing more fun than a drunken sing-a-long to Dixie. Try it with a bunch of southerners on Fourth of July…that day I probably could have told you the big Southern Generals in the Civil War but probably not found my hometown on a map. I’m a traitor I know.

In the south, they don’t call the Civil War the “Civil War” no no…it’s “war between the states.” I giggle when I learn about how they teach basic history in places like…you know…France, England…and the deep South in the great US of A.

Also, I have developed a secret infatuation with the music of such country western bands and artists such as…John Denver (who doesn’t love Country Roads), Alabama (dixieland delight anyone? Anyone???) and Alan Jackson (he’s like effin’ Jimmy Buffet from Texas. It’s great.) My family unfortunately, being the rednecks they are from Vermont, will tell you that I’ve always loved country music but that was only when I was younger and…had no taste in tunes. I blame southern boys for bringing me back to my…music roots.

And speaking of Southern Boys…have you HEARD those accents??? I mean…talk about being able to make you weak in the knees with a simple “hey y’all..” Geez. Gimme a fan!

Unfortunately, for as much as I love my lil’ fling with the South, I know I’ll be back to the North sooner (hopefully rather than Later). I mean, in January? It gets to be 20 degrees but no snow. No no…just rain.

Washington, DC is kind of the bastard child of the south. They call it the city of “Northern Hospitality and Southern Efficiency”…Southerners don’t live the GO-GO-GO! lifestyles of us northerners, and well Northerners aren’t known for their manners so go figure. If it wasn’t the bastard child and would stop straddling the line and pick a side, we might be able to make this a little more long term but I don’t think I could ever say ya’ll seriously, nor do i think I could ever grow to love grits – that icky breakfast food.

For now, I’ll stick to my JCrew, pearls and listening to country music…that’s about as Southern I’ll get but once I throw back a couple beers, and start cursin’ like a sailor, my lil “I want to be southern too” facade is all over.

So that’s all for me. I hope I was a reasonable substitute for meghan and all her fabulousness, but if you want more “i wish i was southern action” hop over to my blog! Happy Spring everyone (and by spring, it’s 90 degrees out with an unreasonable level of humidity for April….I think we skipped that season 😦 bah!)


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