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Heaven in some incomprehensible packaging

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Yo yo! Wow, I am WAY too white to say that. Let me start over.

Hi, this is Arielle from Good things come to those who whine bringing you your very first guest post while Megan is out on her, dun dun DUNNN, Trip of Northern Aggression! I wish all my vacations had cool names.

Today I’m going to introduce you all to the wonder that is ASIAN SNACK FOOD. If you’ve already experienced Asian snacks, or are lucky enough to have experienced Asian snacks while actually understanding what the crap it says on those crazy packages, you are a fortunate, fortunate individual. If not, the following will change your life.

I live in New York, and yesterday after work I had to go down down to Chinatown (what a good name for a song – Down Down to Chinatown) to run an errand. Since I’m hardly ever in the area I decided to make it worth my while and stop by the supermarket to pick up some of my favorite fun treats. Here is a sampling of what amazing things they offer:

Tiny chocolate-filled koalas! (Note: no actual koalas were harmed in the making of this product).

To be honest, I don’t even know what this is. The girl ahead of me in the checkout line put it back and I snatched it up. It looks like some kind of delicious panda cookie. Made with real pandas! Just kidding. Actually, I might not be. You never know with these things.

Wasabi peas! If you read my blog (AND YOU SHOULD), you’ll know that I had a run-in with these yesterday. And actually, that wasn’t even the first time. I overdo it pretty much every time I eat these. They aren’t that crazy of a snack but still delicious. Anyone remember those Bud “WHASSAAAAAAP” commercials from back in the day? The “WASAAAAABI” one? Priceless.

POCKY! Pocky is wonderful. They’re tiny biscuit sticks covered with some kind of flavored cream. This is the “Lovely Halloween” pack. Because Lovely Halloween is only 6 months away – better stock up on your pumpkin pocky NOW. Doesn’t that strawberry guy look kind of frightening, by the way? I may have nightmares about him.

Turds in a box! Okay, I didn’t buy these. I would never even consider it. It really looked like they just got a bunch of people to poop in a box. I decided to skip over these and a bunch of other stuff. Like shrimp-flavored chips. Not my thing.

I hope you enjoyed this festival of fun. This cornucopia of crazy, if you will (I sadly can’t take credit for that phrase). Go run to your nearest Asian market and treat your tastebuds. NOW. I promise you won’t regret it (unless you buy the box of poop, I can’t vouch for that).


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