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T-minus three days!

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Oh yes…I am excited. Wednesday morning, GP and I will be on our way to Atlanta, where we will do all sorts of crazy-fun things, and then over to Charleston for a wedding, and then back to Atlanta for our departure on Sunday. Because I am a genius, and think that revisionist history is charming, I have decided that I am going to call this journey The Trip of Northern Aggression. Even though I am not technically a Yankee, I am decidedly not very southern (despite my love for beignets and iced tea and magnolias). And GP is from New York, so I will claim his Yankee-hood as my own. I am hoping that we will get to experience a ton of unique Georgia/South Carolina stuff, and I know that we will have great hosts to guide us to all the fabulous stuff we’ll be doing (GP did go to school in Atlanta, so I expect there will be less novelty for him). There will, of course, be a long rehash of all the awesome stuff we did while we were there, as long as numerous photographs of us standing in front of Important Southern Places (maybe the ADPi Executive Office? So magical!).

There will also, in the meantime, be a few awesome guest bloggers– and if you are interested in being one of the Chosen Awesome, let me know, because there are a few days on which there will be no T&CT posts, and that makes me feel itchy.

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