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I have been tagged by Tipp for the “Six Truths/Facts/Quirks About Me” thing, so here goes nothin’…

The rules:
Rules are:
* Link to the person that tagged you.
* Post the rules on your blog.
* Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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1. I am more likely to cry when I am angry than when I am sad. Sad? I get pretty quiet, shut down, don’t want to be around anyone. But, angry? Begin the waterworks– I think it’s the frustration element of being so mad, yet so unable to express it in any way that I can wrap my brain around. You know, except for a good old Angry Blog Entry.

2. I am a horrible, terrible person when it comes to the exercise portion of the “healthy living” thing. I want to do it, I know I should do it, and I feel guilty that I only do it about once or twice a month. The size of my ass isn’t enough to convince me to hop on a treadmill, apparently. I am hoping that I can find some motivation or way to distract myself from the Pure and Complete Torture of Working Out before I am that lady who has to be lifted out of her apartment with a crane so that she can appear on Maury. Please halp.

3. I couldn’t bring myself to drink more than a sip of beer before my junior year of college. It completely disgusted me. Since then, however, beer and I have become friends, and I love the thought of a Blue Moon with an orange wedge on a summer Saturday, or a Sierra Nevada at a baseball game. Hell, even the seasonal Sam Adams is generally acceptable. Yes, I am a slight beer snob…but that’s ok with me.

4. This is pretty obvious to anyone who has ever spent more than twelve seconds with me, or probably read anything that I’ve written, but oh well– I am really, really judgmental and critical, sometimes to the point of slight cruelty. While I feel guilty about this at times, I mostly wish that people understood that I have the power to turn that same judgment and criticism back in on myself. So, as much as I might be over-judge-y with others, trust me, I am the same way with myself. So…shut up.

5. I hate speaking on the phone. I don’t think it’s because I am overly self-conscious about the way my voice/”accent” (yes, I am from California…it’s not exaggerated, but I am told that I “sound like I am from California”), but rather because part of my first out-of-college job required calling people and trying to sell them/their children “memberships” at my tutoring center. Granted, they had provided the contact information, but I still felt like such a sleaze. I much prefer email, IM, texting…carrier pigeons, smoke signals. Seriously. I hate the phone. Even for doing things that I know I need to do, like dinner reservations or hair appointments. I can’t explain it.

6. This is a poorly-kept secret: I love, love, love Disneyland. If you haven’t, you need to read GP’s Disneyland trip report (because we are nerds, and he seriously wrote this epic theme park narrative instead of doing work yesterday) to understand the depth of this love. I prefer the California park because I am a California supremacist, and because I love the immediacy of all of the park’s attractions and its ability to completely envelop you in the experience of being there. As someone intensely interested in storytelling, I love the continuity of the “story” of the park– everything is intentionally arranged, scented, flavored, and presented, just for you (and thousands of your Goofy-hat-wearing brethren).

All right. I am hereby tagging…
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Emily, over at Sea Legs
EP of Stylish Handwriting, who I cannot stop tagging and awarding things to

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