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Had to get the Daily Shoe in at some point today…just plain old Converse All-Star low-tops (because what am I, 11? Seriously, I did have a sweet denim pair with the Tasmanian Devil on the side when I was about that age). A perfect Monday shoe, really, because you have to have something to build from, and when you’re going to work in jeans and a North Face half-zip fleece pullover (see: Stuff White People Like), the Converse call out to you like a siren song from the closet.

Oh, and I am planning on jumping off the proverbial blogger bridge– I’m working on a “love” list, somewhat inspired by the Converse. Other things I am loving right now include: Papaya Mango Salsa with tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s, the fact that we now have a desk in our study, and that I currently have a job to which I can wear Converse, jeans, and a fleece pullover and not get fired.

What do you love today, internets?


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