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M is for Monday, and a new meme

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Well, new to me, that is… Saw this over at A Study of Schoolbooks and Shoes, and thought, Hey, I am really dragging today, but can probably manage some searches in between various Very Important Event Planning Tasks (more on this later, of course). With this in mind, I give you…

1. Go to Photobucket (don’t sign in– Flickr is also a pretty sweet picture source, which you all know because you are Masters of Technology and the Interwebs)

2. Type in your answer to the question in the “search” box

3. Use only the first page

4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

Here goes…

1. First name?

2. Favorite color?

3. Celebrity crush?

4. Band you’re listening to now?

5. Favorite movie?

6. Favorite Disney princess?

7. Favorite alcoholic beverage?

8. Dream vacation?

9. Favorite dessert?

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?

That’s right, a Lady Who Sleeps on Books. Oh, and sorry about the pic quality…I am too impatient to fix them.

Finally, in Other News, I was awarded the Blog of Distinction honor by Maxie, who may or may not be my identical mind twin (we also have the distinction of owning the same pair of NY&Co black patent peep-toe flats…you know, like eleventy-billion other people who regularly shop at malls). I hereby pass this award on to…

EP of Stylish Handwriting, another brain-twin of mine, who is willing to discuss episodes of The Office at length with me. What’s not to love?

MissK, who previously rated T&CT “E for Excellent” (thanks again, by the way!), the authoress of Do Your Trick, Turn on the Stars, which is another of the 20sb that I am pretty much in love with.

Chris of Surviving Myself, one of the few guys in my Google Reader, for whatever reason. Perhaps because he is funny as hell, owns a cute puppy, and has a girlfriend on whom I have a mini-crush, because she posts tons of food pictures. I owe him a “thank-you” for commenting on multiple shoe-themed posts, as well– so, thanks!

Arielle of Good Things Come to Those Who Whine, and not just for the swell blog name. If you aren’t already, you need to check her out, because she is whiny in a fun way, not a way that makes you want to pinch her.

Jamie of Oh! How Lovely, another fabulous Chicago blogger, whose dog I covet and whose city has a bounty of cupcakes that she graciously writes about– much to the chagrin of my drool-covered laptop. Sorry for that image, y’all.


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