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Heat wave!

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One day of warmth does not a heat wave make, but the temperature today is enough to warrant the miraculous rediscovery of the following footwear:

Yes, welcome to my toes, webosphere! I’ve decided you’re ready, and it’s not like this pedicure is going to get any better, right? I’ll try not to subject you to any dirty-toe moments, if it can be helped. So, when I mentioned the “miraculous rediscovery,” I was not kidding: I thought that this pair of flip-flops was lost and gone forever until I discovered one of them under the couch. Very suspicious, especially since I had no clue where the other one was– it certainly was nowhere near its mate, since I had thoroughly searched the area. As I am a big believer in the principle of “out of sight, out of mind,” I decided to shove that single sandal back under the couch, so that I didn’t have to deal with the nagging worry of its presence in my closet (this, of course, was in no way a GP-sanctioned plan, but I am not sure he was aware of the single-shoe conundrum). Months go by, summer goes into fall goes into winter, and I am rarely in need of these flip-flops. I hardly notice when I see my little, lonely friend peeking out from under the couch; I just give it a little nudge with my toe, pushing it back under there where it can’t haunt me with its solitariness.

But lo! Spring is officially back, and the weather is downright summery. I, of course, have dozens (I am not kidding, it’s like a sickness, and the only cure is more footwear) of pairs of flip-flips, each a unique snowflake in its own way, but I have a hankering for this particular pair of Reefs. Way more expensive than any pair of shoes that are held onto ones foot through a between-the-toes thong and a couple “leather” straps should be, they found their way into my life one summer before returning to college from summer break, an item on the Official Sorority Recruitment Clothing List. (You guys, I am not kidding. There was a list, and there were clothing checks, as well as conversation workshops. But that’s another post.) They represent the upper limit of the height range that I allow my sandal soles to be (because I am not a fan of the stumpy-leg look), and are responsible for a nasty spill due to their slippery soles and my overall clumsiness. At any rate, a miracle occurred today– I found the mate! And you know where it was? Right there on the other end of the couch! This proves several things: first, I am an idiot. Additionally, I clearly did not go as thoroughly about my search as I previously thought. Ultimately, however, my idiocy is beside the point– the point is, I get to clomp around in these babies for many summer weeks to come! Clearly, the day is mine!


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