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You know, besides the fact that it’s Friday.

1. The weather! It finally feels like spring, and very nearly summer. I know it’s boring to blog about the weather (what are we, in the grocery line?), but whatever. I present to you, two screen shots from this afternoon:

Yaaay, The Weather Channel widget says it’s 80 degrees out there! It is about 65 in my office, but I have been taking every opportunity to step outside and soak in all the warm that I can. Special bonus: it now says that it’s 81, so there.

This fakey, Vista-created sticky note was on my screen this morning, and I suspect that GP may have had something to do with it. Also, please note the stated temperature. Awesome.

2. The obligatory Shoe-of-the-Day…

…is a patent-leather, peep-toe flat from NY&Co. No feets in this one, mostly because I am so pale that when I’m cold (as I am generally in my office, and as my feet generally are, oh…all the time), my skin changes color in an unappealing way. Also, the internet is not ready for my toes. Not just yet. The background of this picture, by the way, is a bunch of pink packing peanuts that showed up in a box that was delivered to the office a million years ago, that I decided to string up and suspend from the ceiling of my old office (think garlands– it was awesome). When I moved into my new office, with the clean lines and sleek green-and-black, I decided the pink fluff couldn’t come along. I’m a little sad to see it go.

3. The Office (and, of course, 30 Rock) last night! I’ve been talking about it with EP and Maxie, but I need to know what you all thought of it, too! I almost posted my favorite parts of the episode, but I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you that missed it and are catching up with Tivo or whatever. Leave it in the comments, please!

4. The dinner options for tonight, which are as follows…
-our favorite sushi place, which gives you crazy amounts of food for relatively cheap…you know, for sushi and all
-a local German-style hofbrau, where there are carving stations and retarded amounts of beer
-Greek/Mediterranean, at a place that we haven’t been to yet but have heard good things about– I am craving some dolmas and hummus!


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