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It wouldn’t be Friday without…

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…Friday Fill-Ins! Here you go, internets.

1. I love springtime in Northern California! The trees blossom in huge clouds of pink and white, I get to wear flip-flops with alarming frequency, and can sleep with the windows open. Ambient street and neighbor noise is something that I am willing to tolerate if I get to have the occasional breeze.

2. Toast with peanut butter and plain Greek yogurt are foods I love to eat for breakfast. If it’s the weekend, I will have some eggs with Tabasco (which GP absolutely hates– he won’t let me sit near him when I eat them), some waffles, or, if I am feeling saucy, I will go out for eggs benedict. I’m convinced they wouldn’t be as tasty if I made them myself, but I’m sure I will someday.

3. It seems I’m always searching for my new favorite restaurant. The standbys that GP and I end up eating in, at least once a month each, include the aforementioned sushi place and a really great Italian-style pizza place. We always end up taking people who are visiting us to either of those places, and also this great barbecue place, and a sometimes-a-tad-too-greasy-but-always-delicious burger place.

4. Clearing all one’s work emails is a great way to end the (work) day. Do you know what I mean? Just doing one final scan, making sure that there are no loose ends. That is what allows me to enjoy an evening or a weekend– no little rough edges clouding my brain. Oh, and in case you were wondering, a glass of wine and an episode of Family Guy are a great end to the (after-work) day. Peter Griffin and pinot, Meg and merlot, Chris and a cab…now I am annoyed at my alliterative self. You get the idea, though.

5. I think I may be well on my way to proving my worth as an employee! (Yippee!)

6. Warmth and sunshine is what I’ve been craving lately. Fortunately, nature has decided to give in to my demands, and I can spend a good chunk of the weekend laying by our pool– covered in sunscreen, of course, and reading something wonderful. Any suggestions? I might get started with the second in the His Dark Materials series (I finished The Golden Compass awhile ago, and really liked it).

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to whatever our dinner decision ends up being, tomorrow my plans include the aforementioned poolside lounging, and Sunday, I want to be finished with all this work spreadsheeting that I’ve brought upon myself! If Excel is the way to worm my way into the heart of my boss, so be it.

What are you doing this weekend, internets?


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