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Zippy little shoes, so that I can run the eff around all the livelong day

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Here are my red shoes, poised on the doormat before I took off for work this morning– I figured it’s less silly than taking repeated pictures of my feet/shoes while at work, right? I read a great quote about the color red years and years ago, possibly attributed to Bill Blass (how I remembered that, we’ll never know), and I feel like there is a lot of truth to that sentiment. I will admit that I was feeling a bit doubtful this morning, and probably all week– but I had no doubt that I would be able to scamper around the office in these red flats, that, despite their complete lack of heel, always make me walk a little taller. (P.S. Cheese? Yes, please!)

Have to make this quick, as I am actually doing work at work today, and as such am up to my elbows in a spreadsheet. Bleah. I am going to Target with a friend today, so I am expecting big things from Dollar Town there (you know, the area where all the stuff is even cheaper than regular-Target-cheap? So great). Oh, and I have to mention the bloggie friend swap that Rachel over at Confessions of a Jersey Girl is putting together– you guys have got to get in on that, if only to receive a cool piece of local flava from an awesome blogger. Go! What are you still doing here? I will be back later to talk about more interesting things, I promise.

P.S. How much do I need one of these in my life? The answer is “a lot,” but my ass disagrees.


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