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Shoes, day two

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Today I am wearing these:

They are so beaten-up that it’s probably a little shocking that I still wear them in public, much less to work. I can’t seem to let them go, though! The toes are all torn up because sometimes I am less than the picture of grace that you all might imagine, and the heels are pretty worn down, mostly due to the fact that I wore the hell out of these when I worked in Unnamed Tutoring Center and had to be running to and fro all the time.

I decided to wear these to work today because we have clients in the office, and on Fridays I sometimes have a hard time getting it up for the office. Honestly, the enthusiasm wanes by the end of the week, so I feel like wearing something a little peppier will substitute for the positive attitude that disappeared around lunchtime on Wednesday. My efforts were rewarded when my coworkers called me pretty and awesome– no, I am not kidding (I truly am adorable and modest), and I am aware that only one of these compliments may be shoe-related. The other may have had to do with my sweet Mac skillz.

Oh! And today was the Ethiopian food Fun Lunch day, which was, as you might infer, pretty fun. I work for a small company, and my bosses are nice enough to take us out to interesting lunch places on a monthly-or-more basis. All together, we were ten at the restaurant, and it was the vast majority of the people that work for the company (and mostly women, except for the one guy, so there!). Anyway. The food was really tasty and interesting, and not the “interesting” that means I was wanting to spit it into my napkin after every bite. We got two big veggie combos, two chicken dishes, and two beef dishes (there was lamb, but I think that we were feeling a bit more basic than that). You may have heard that there are no utensils in Ethiopian eating, and that is exactly right– our veggie combos arrive atop enormous pancakes that were similar in composition to crepes, or regular pancakes, but were much spongier and a little lemonier than either of those two (I’m guessing that it’s buckwheat flour rather than all-purpose, and that the batter is beaten a lot to aerate it– it would definitely be interesting to watch the preparation), and we got a bunch of extra pancakes to help us pick up the beef and chicken. It’s not the neatest meal in town, there will certainly be some dirtied fingertips, but daaaaamn it was delicious. Probably not the best first-date meal, but absolutely something that everyone (even the foreign-food xenophobes out there!) should try at least once!

Also, there was a sign for this beverage, which made the literature nerd in me smile:

Friday Fill-Ins are upcoming! Get excited!

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