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…apparently is shorthand (well, to be technical, long-hand) for “emo”, according to Urban Dictionary. While I don’t have the proper disposition, jean fit, or hairstyle to qualify as a bona fide emo kid, I am more than happy to steal the phrase to introduce my Great New Blogging Idea. I am thinking that, on a sort-of-daily basis, I will post a picture of my shoes. Some people photograph what they eat, some have adorable dogs to show off, and there are some others that already do put their footwear on display for the internets to see. This last group, I have decided, are my brethren (sistren?).

Today, friends, I am sporting some sweet gold flats:

Got these at Target a couple years ago. Though I am not typically a fan of the gold, it is seriously like wearing a happy little party on my feet every time I slip them on. (Sorry, male readers. I realize this is a ridiculous thing to say)

So, there you have it– shoes (sorry, I had to)! I cannot promise much in the way of photo quality, but I will make up for that with quantity and sparkling prose. With flip-flop weather approaching, you people are going to be seeing a ton of my feet…

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