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Happy PB&J Day!

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No, seriously! Slashfood says it’s National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, so who am I to argue? I’m feeling a little lazy, maybe even to the point where I might consider a PB&J an acceptable dinner. And really, I have to be observant of the holiday! Let’s just hope that the bread I bought I-don-t-remember-how-long-ago is still edible. Otherwise it will be some yet-to-be named substitute surrounding my delicious peanut butter and jelly concoction.

I apologize for the lack of coherence recently, but I am so scrambled between work (crazy scheduling needs, and why should it be easy for people to remember to return an email?), planning Mother’s Day weekend (multiple moms, and my and GP’s parents all together in Sonoma over a weekend– my palms are already sweaty just thinking about it. Thank god there will be wine.), and sort-of-planning GP’s graduation dinner (which shouldn’t be that much of an ordeal– it’s just 13 people for crying out loud!), that I have little time to dwell on those, “hey, that would be a cool post” ideas. I do have a shoe-related one that I’m rolling around, so we’ll see where that goes. I’m a little annoyed at myself for writing about not writing, but here we are. Maybe I need another cup of coffee…or an early tea time today.


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