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I am knee-deep in the second round of games tonight, and have yet to wear down GP enough so that he will agree to play Scrabble with me. So, given that much of my brain is occupied with shooting stats and possession arrows, I ask you Facebook users out there (which I am assuming is just about everyone, right?): what do we think of the “people you might know” feature? Too weird, or totally brilliant?

(I am enjoying it because I once deactivated my account and had to create a whole new one because my .edu address forwarding hadn’t been activated yet, and so I had to start my friend list from scratch. I’m still working on the rebuilding– too many sorority chicks, seriously.)

Ok, off to pray that CBS will realize that I want to watch Michigan State/Memphis way more than I want to watch Kansas/Villanova.

ETA (after all the games are over): ugh, SO not worth it! This is the Sweet Sixteen, y’all! And I lost Scrabble, thanks to prefixes and suffixes. Boo.


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