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Friday fill-ins, part deux

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Because on a Friday morning, little is motivating me to do work. That, and I brought my personal laptop to work, and it is sitting on my desk right next to the work one, begging me to play instead of make one more freaking spreadsheet. May I present to you…

1. Some relationships are meant to end badly. This is how one learns
2. Matt Nathanson/Ingrid Michaelson at the Fillmore in SF is the last concert I saw; it was completely awesome! I wish I were able to see more live music (yes, I realize this has little to do with actual ability, and more to do with priorities and motivation, but…I have no defense against that).
3. Spring should be warmer, no? The weather people are saying rain, and I am saying, “NO! This is California! This is why I pay so much to live here, right?”
4. Oh no! I forgot to send my friend with a birthday this week her birthday card! (I am sending as many birthday card as possible this year– it’s sort of a New Year’s resolution, but I am afraid that officially calling it that will jinx things. Hopefully the aforementioned friend will accept an apology and belated card.)
5. I’ve recently started using Google Calendar. I think it’s pure genius– anyone with me?
6. LOLcats never fail to make me smile. What am I, made of stone?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching some college basketball, tomorrow my plans include a barbecue at The Apartment with my Dad (and yet more basketball) and Sunday, I want to have brunch with the family to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday. (I will actually be going to this brunch– mostly because I have no intention of going to a bar with a group of his other-21-year-old-dude friends.)

I half-promise there will be real content later today, all concocted by my very own brain. Only half, though, because I am almost too crazy excited not to be sick anymore.


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