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Sorry, the title isn’t meant to gross anyone out, just to provide an accurate, one-word picture of my health at the moment. (Also, I was floored when, at the age of ten or so, I found out there was a “g” in it. That blew my mind.) Today, Internets, I am home sick from work. While this seems novel when one is fighting to keep one’s head off the desk due to congestion that is truly head-pounding, it is decidedly less exciting during a week that is a compression of the time I usually have to do my job (that is, one week of recruiting rather than the usual two), as well as the second of two weeks of the Great Springtime GPparent Visit of Aught-Eight. Just…not enough time to entertain, be competent at work, and manage to breathe through one’s nose.

The silver lining of this otherwise-lame day is that it’s GP’s (last! ever!) spring break, and he is working from home today. He is also willing to bring me most things I ask for, which includes a delicious and oh-so-healthy dinner of…Taco Bell. Sure to cure whatever ails me, right? Or at least be spicy enough (after a healthy dose of the Tapatio) to alert my body that hey! Food tastes like things! Remember that?

Excuse me, friends, while I go cough like a 74-year-old with emphysema* and make awful faces while taking more and more ‘tussin.

* emphysema is not really funny. Maybe I should have gone with tuberculosis?


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