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Thing #1: I got a call from my uncle yesterday evening, and the biopsy that was done on Mark’s lung has come back benign. They are still going to re-biopsy and treat it, even if only with laproscopic surgery, but right now I am cautiously optimistic. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.

Thing #2: This woman was in my office about fifteen minutes ago, teary-eyed and telling me a story about how she is from Bakersfield and works cleaning houses, but got fired from that job, and her boyfriend beats her up (this woman had bruises and lacerations on her arms and face, so there was little doubt as to her veracity), and she’s three months pregnant and diabetic, and can I please help her pay for one more night in the motel where she’s staying until her sister comes to pick her up? I know that’s a long sentence, but it was a long story, and she was near-crying the whole time. Folks, if you want me to empty my wallet for you, you need to, a) be a victim of domestic violence, b) be pregnant and trying to escape the aforementioned situation, and c) nearly crying. My will is weak, and my wallet is usually light on cash, but I will do everything short of driving you back to Bakersfield (that’s where I draw the line– Bakersfield sucks) to help you out. “Megan, you’re an idiot. She was clearly lying,” you might say. Well, let’s look at this from both sides, then. If she was lying, I gave her $18 for her and/or her abusive boyfriend’s drug/alcohol habit, which will continue to destroy at least a few lives. If she was telling the truth, then I helped out at least two people today, and for less than $20. If there is change either way, I would like to think that I either helped shift it toward the positive in a big way, or didn’t do too much harm to an already terrible situation.

What do you think? Am I a sucker?


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