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So, remember that time that I bitched and moaned about all the construction that’s going on around The Apartment? Well, some of it has begun…and this is what our walls look like:

Just behind where the front door is, facing into our living room, are two good-sized holes, as well as the drywall that was cut from several locations in the apartment, to allow access to pipes.

This is one of my favorites, because it displays the best of what the plumbers/contractors/whoeverthehells are doing here. One of the holes, the bigger one, is “securely” covered with plastic that is roughly one-eighth the thickness of plastic wrap, while its smaller sibling peeks out from behind the fridge, completely uncovered, a perfect entry point for whatever creatures might be living in our/any of our six neighbors in this buildings’ walls to come in and claw out our eyes in our sleep, and then drink all our wine.

Guest bath hole #2–pretty unassuming, behind where our towels usually are. (They, however, will not be replaced until some unknown day when the construction people come back to patch and paint because, seriously, they tore shit up in my bathrooms. Not cool.)

And here, we have the Terrifying Open Hole of Danger, conveniently located right above our shower head. Good thing GP’s parents, who land at SJC tonight, will be staying in a hotel.

This one is in our bathroom, right next to the toilet. This will be gross, so avert your eyes if you are delicate, but I have a terrible, irrational fear of something leaping through the plastic (thank god it’s covered!) and strangling me or something while I’m on the toilet. This would probably be some cousin of the creature that pops through the hole in the kitchen.

At any rate, I am now off to watch (and prepare a recap of!) SNL, in a hole-free room of the apartment. Please direct all positive thoughts to the protection of me and GP from any malicious creatures that now have a couple new entry points into our apartment.

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