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Happy Pi Day! …and other things I promise to post later

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Yes, I am enough of a dork to not only celebrate Pi Day today, but also to foist it upon my coworkers, forcing everyone to bring a pie (entrees, like quiche, chicken pot pie, and even pizza are acceptable) to share at lunch. In the true spirit of the day, one of my bosses ordered pi-symbol pins from some magical place in the intertubes, which we are all sporting with pride. Pictures of pins and pies will be posted…with much less alliteration, I hope…at some point later today.

Also, the SNL recap is coming! I figure that it’s about at my usual level of Friday-night awesomeness, so get excited about that. I’m trying to get out of my one-week-behind recap schedule, so there might even be a recap of this upcoming one on…Sunday? Oh, and I found out who Vampire Weekend are, thanks to a recent Fresh Air episode. Thanks, Terry Gross!


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