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…is that what I sound like? As someone who shamelessly sings loudly in the car (and maaaybe even along to a Spice Girls Greatest Hits CD that she bought on a whim at Victoria’s Secret), and subjects many of her loved ones to endless talking and occasional made-up songs about any old thing, I must say that today I have been given pause. We are in the process of getting a new phone system at work, which will be nice because I have a feeling it will mean that my job will end up being less secretarial than it currently is/has been, but annoying in that it has not *instantly* worked and solved all the world’s (or the office’s) problems. Today I had to set up my voicemail and recorded name for the directory, and in order to verify everything, I had to listen to myself recite the Professional-Sounding Greeting and my name. And, can I say? I’m sorry! I had no idea that I sounded like that. I sound every bit like the California born-and-bred, former sorority girl that I am. And for that, I apologize. Having to listen to myself in any recorded form makes me cringe, hard.

Anyone else have this issue? Am I just crazy?


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