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…your three-times-in-a-row Pac-10 regular season champs, and all-around wonderful boys, the UCLA Bruins men’s basketball team! And yes, Kevin, I can learn to live with your nasty facial hair if you’ll promise to stay until you win me a national championship. Do we have a deal? It was a bright spot in my day that consisted of continuing to freak out over apartment construction, work/recruiting difficulties, and the reality of two whole nights spent GP-free (I know, I’m a whiner), and it had me exclaiming and writhing on my couch. Thank god for DVR, because seriously? I would not have been able to watch that thing in real-time.

Now, as I have a Friday night free, and will be working roughly twelve hours before it, are there any suggestions for fun activities? I’ve been thinking gin and tonics with a side of Project Runway and Lost…and probably some lolcats, too.

P.S. I promise I’ll be a little less of a raincloud in a week or so. Things are just a little sucky right now.

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