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This week in numbers

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Which is not to say that I will be reporting on the state of numbers. I’ll assume that the numbers, the digits 0-9, are all doing fine and dandy, as they are not working 10+ hour days and feverishly wondering why a job that is so seemingly menial should also seem so difficult. Rather, allow me to present…

5: things on my “swing by Safeway on the way home, just a quick trip” grocery list.

13: things I actually bought at Safeway. I still got to go through the express lane, though!

6, no– 11, no! 10: people that were recruited for one of the studies that is currently being run at my office. Returning emails is SO HARD, isn’t it? What’s that? It isn’t? Then seriously, what the hell.

7: minutes late that our client company people arrived for the scheduled appointment start time this evening. Coincidentally, that is the same number of minutes it takes me to decide that I hate them forever. Professional adults? Who’re they?

3: weeks until MaGP and PaGP come to town, and GP and I get to eat like kings (cross out) civilized grownups. Which we are, I swear.

58 (or so): degrees Fahrenheit in my office for the last two days, due to an imbalance caused by a projector in one (also soundproofed ) room in the office.

18: meatballs that I made for dinner last night. For two people, even two people who really like meatballs, I think we can agree that this is far too many.

30: people that we have to put through testing sessions before these three godawful studies that are eating up my life are done. Good job maintaining focus through that sentence, if you made it to the end!

Forgive the tardiness of the SNL recap– we decided to watch two episodes of Lost that were languishing in the TiVo instead. Maybe tonight? Maybe.


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