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Here’s an exchange that only partially took place today…
GP: Move your shoes! We have to get everything off the floor!
Me: Sorry, I don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. Some people have more than three pairs, you know…

I pick up the shoes, and put them on the couch so that the carpet cleaners can clean allll the carpet, rather than leaving little size eight spots of dirty on the floor. Yay for free annual carpet cleaning by the apartment complex! (I suppose it’s not “free,” considering they raised our rent the maximum legal amount when we renewed the lease, but whatever, California is expensive)

GP: Well, you don’t wear the same pair of underwear every day, and yet somehow that doesn’t end up all over the living room floor!
Me: Hmph.

For those who are bad at guessing games, the penultimate line of that conversation didn’t take place. It occurred to GP in the shower following my departure for work, but I am making it up to him by posting it, for all the interblag to see.

What do you find yourself leaving all over the house?


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