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Valentine’s, delayed…

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Hello, friends! Due to intermittent (at best) internet at The Apartment, Valentine’s Day reporting has been delayed until, well…today.

It was a low-key evening, with a semi-repeat of our first New Year’s Eve together– living room picnic, complete with cheeses, meats, olives, and wine. We watched Paris, Je T’Aime, which was love-themed, but not nauseatingly so…so, a good choice for the evening. Below, a view of the tableau…

V-Day was a sandwiched between two wine-related weekends (though really, when are they not…). The weekend before was spent in Amador, at their Behind the Cellar Door festival, which is the early spring counterpart to the fall harvest Big Crush. The weather was gorgeous, definitely warmer than the Sierra foothills usually are in early February, but we weren’t about to question it! We worked on filling up our nearly-empty (for us!) wine racks (yes, plural. We’re winos, sorry), and nearly got there, buying about a case and a half of delicious Amador zins, the area specialty.

The weekend after (which, technically, is still happening for me…thanks, President’s Day!) was spent here…

Well, really only Sunday, but we packed it in! Drove up in the morning, and hit V. Sattui for a picnic, complete with some awesome cheese and a bottle of their Gamay Rouge. Then it was on to the CIA at Greystone for a demo and some food ogling. Watching the demo was like being in Kitchen Stadium, and we got to sample some of the pork loin, chutney, and sweet potato, so it was really the highlight of the day. Plus, I finally got a Microplane! Now I can zest and grate to my heart’s content… We hit Elizabeth Spencer for our free tasting and Sauvignon Blanc magnum (thanks to a contribution to KQED), and finally Peju, which is always a stop for us when we go, as I’m enamored with their Provence blend, and he loves the Zin (and this time we knew to skip the Carnival, because, really…ew). Light dinner at the tapas place that we’ve been to every time we’ve been up to Napa (we may need to branch out, no?), and then a drive home during which I did not fall asleep– quite the feat, considering how near-food-coma I was.

…and then today, thanks to some dead white dudes, I get to have a tea party and watch a friend try on wedding dresses! Sweet. I leave you with this…

The perfect recipe for an awesome Valentine’s evening.


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